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Time travelers, hurdy gurdy girls and pirates

All gather here to watch the carnival unfold.

Dark faeries dance, the carousel begins to spin;

Discordant music fills our swirling dreams,

The song says all will come around again.

Here every era and dimension 

Can co-exist to our amusement and delight.

Here time, and space, are of no consequence

As we embrace the radiance of night.


Goth Fae resides within this darkly glowing

Realm of Faerie. 

And in this Realm all rules turn upside down:

Here old is new; the shabby, torn, 

And de-constructed discards of the past,

Are stitched and glued or further riven,

To be transformed and then reborn.

All text and photos on this site

Copyright 2010 Jeanne M. Thompson

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many pages do not have product photos yet, so it is not your computer loading them slowly. We will be adding product pages constantly over the next month or so.

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Our show schedule page has been updated on March 6/2012

to include all upcoming vending events in 2012

We may be adding more, but as of now the schedule is up to date.